Monday, January 01, 2018

2018 is Here

What went well on New Year's Eve?

I was able to use my Big Green Egg for the first time to cook a couple of pork tenderloins.  I struggled to keep the correct temperature, but I think I am going to be able to make some amazing food on the Big Green Egg.

We had a nice bonfire and our son had some friends over to roast marshmallows and make S'mores.

I enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine, Lagavulin, and a shot of chocolate chili tequila.

I won a couple of small stakes Sit N Go tournaments.

What did not go so well?

Fireworks caused our dog to leave a trail of pee throughout the house.  Nothing like mopping up pee on New Year's Eve.  Fireworks are banned from our neighborhood but do not stop anyone.

What is ahead in 2018?

I think there is definitely some significant changes heading our way.  We shall see.

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 24, 2017


My current theory is that stop signs are invisible.

Yesterday coming back from the Farmers Market, a guy just turned left in front of me without ever stopping at the stop sign.  One must support the local farmers!

A few weeks ago someone was killed in our neighborhood while walking and another person was injured.

About a month ago my wife witnessed someone run 3 stop signs in a row.

Everyone should slow down, enjoy life, and see those stops signs.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Global Poker

I have been playing for awhile on a site called  They had an interesting way of getting around the stupid appended amendment to the Port Authority act (circa 2006 maybe).  You buy gold coins and they give you "Sweeps cash".

I am a grinder at low stakes and have had many ups and downs.  This is a conspiracy theory, but I honestly question the randomness of their algorithm.  I wish I had tracked the number of times I have lost on the river.

Last night I hit the nut flush on the turn only to lose to quad 3's on the river.  Yes, it could be me just losing my ass and bitter.  It could be the fact that I play for low stakes so no one gives a shit and calls with anything.  Needless to say, it is frustrating.  I have had countless hours of fun!

Now that I am frustrated can anyone recommend other poker sites that permit US citizens to play for money?  Ideally, I would like a site that has freerolls so I can spin gold out of nothing.

Play On!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Three Observations - Poker, Gym, Life

My poker observation playing in the local Friday night game.  A person went all in and I knew he was chasing a flush after I had flopped top set.  I had no choice to call him.  Well, everyone knows he caught the flush on the river, which completely changed my night.  I did have fun playing until 4:30 AM, which is quite a feat for this soon to be 57 years old.

If you belong to a gym that has a towel service, please pick up your towels.  On Sunday there were towels left all over the place including inside of two showers.  I cannot believe grown men cannot pick up after themselves.

I was reading the local news while eating lunch.  I read that EMS was called due to several people over-dosing on K2.  I am like what the heck is K2.  Thanks to Google I learned that it is synthetic THC.  Just smoke the real stuff people.  Amateur chemists are a disaster waiting to happen.

Play on! 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Barista Distraction

The Rock Garden has been dormant for some time.  Recently, I seem to make strange observations about life and I am playing poker again.  I thought I would start blogging about some of my recent life observations.

Today I am about to visit a new dentist and I am hanging in the nearby Starbucks. 

Here is my observation.  A Barista should not be chit-chatty if there are over 10 people awaiting their beverage.  They should focus on getting the job done, then chit chat.

It still amazes me that I drink Starbucks coffee and put up with the sub-par product.  Oh well!  That might be another short post.

Play on!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Playing Poker On-Line Again

Well, it has been forever since I blogged on this site.  Who knows if I will keep it going, but I wanted to share the event from today.  I found this event quite exhilarating.

I have started to play online again at  They have an interesting way of getting around US Gaming rules, but I am playing for real money again.  I really wish the US would get their shit together.

I decided to play in a $3 +$.030 NL Holdem tournament with a guaranteed purse of $500.  Everyone started with $2000 in chips.

The very first hand I flop a spade flush (10,9).  I got all-in against pocket Kings.  You guessed it.  On the river, I get counterfeited with another spade and the opponent had the King of spades.

I had $100 left.  Here is where the fun began.  Chip and a chair is true if you take the right opportunities to double up and yes there is some luck involved a hand or two.

So it was a grind, but out of 90 players, I managed to work my way to the final table.  I got pocket Q's when the board brought 7AK.  The turn was a King.  I got pushed all-in and let the hand go.

I managed to a 6th place finish, collecting $23.

I truly forgot how much fun tournament play can be.

Play on!

Saturday, August 09, 2014

The Commerce

It has been a very long time since I have posted, but I have a poker story to document.  We are visiting California touring art schools for our daughter.  I was able to convince my better half to let me go to the Commerce Casino.

I walk into the casino and I felt like the bar in Star Wars.  All walks of life in this casino.  I went into one poker room and ask for a $1-$2 NL Holdem game.  A lady who did not speak english very well tried to explain to me that sure there was a game, but she was not clear.  Then this well dressed older man came over and very kindly told me I was in the high roller part of the poker room $600 - $1200 minimum blinds.   Definitely not my place, so he kindly guided me to the other section of the poker room.  There are only 248 tables in this place.

I put my name on a list.  They called my name and I sat down at a table.  They told me it was $100 buy-in.  I happened to have $100, but I thought I was sitting at a $40 buy-in $1-$2 game.  I was swiftly dealt 4 cards.  Oh shit!  Definitely not holdem.  I pretended that I had no clue what Omaha was.  I caught a flush and split the pot with the low hand.  I quickly got up and went back to explain that they sent me to the wrong table.  I was sent to another table that was $3-$6.  Finally I got to the correct table.  I exchanged my $5 chips for $40 worth of $1 chips.  I left the balance of my $60 on the table only to get lectured by the dealer.  If those chips are not in the game you would make the jack pot invalid.  I quickly put them on the floor at my feet.

The third hand I believe I had K2o.  The flop comes KQ9.  I decide to slow play and checked.  I believe it checked around.  The turn was a 9.  Someone bet $4 and I smooth called.  The river was a 9.  I checked.  The player to my left bet $12.  One other caller.  I thought there was no way he had a 9 and the worse case would be I would split.  Yep, he had the nine so my initial buy-in was pretty much toast.

I bought in again and manager to win 3 more hands on the night.  I had to get back home in order to drive to San Francisco, so I could not grind my way back.  I dropped $50.  :(

It is good to say I played poker in the worlds largest poker room.  Although the largest poker room it is not the classiest I have been in.  Now when can I own a poker room in Austin Texas?